Clearswift is trusted to secure some of the most sensitive information across the globe. With customers in over 70 countries, Clearswift counts defense, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies as well as financial services and other commercial companies among its valued customers. The Clearswift product portfolio supports a straightforward approach to security across email, the web and endpoint, and includes an award-winning integrated ‘adaptive’ data loss prevention (DLP) solution. This comprehensive approach avoids the risk of business interruption and empowers organizations to gain visibility and control of their critical information as it’s processed and shared through digital collaboration channels.

The robust deep content inspection engine built into all Clearswift solutions detects content and code that other security vendors can’t, enabling organizations to protect sensitive information, mitigate threats and improve business collaboration processes.

Clearswift is led by a highly experienced Executive Leadership Team that combines decades of experience and knowledge with technical, financial and operational skill sets.