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Endpoint Data Loss Prevention

Secure Data and Devices with Clearswift.

Clearswift Endpoint DLP

Clearswift Endpoint DLP

Clearswift’s Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is designed to address the loss of critical information at the endpoint. The solution offers three key components that can be deployed together or individually. The first is the ability to gain visibility and control of what removable devices e.g. a personal device or USB stick can connect to a company network. The second is the ability to regulate what company data (or files) can be copied to removable media, and encrypt it if necessary to ensure the data can't be access should the device be lost or stolen. The third is ‘data at rest’ scanning capability which locates where critical information is stored across a network – on devices, on-premise file servers or cloud-based storage - and move it (if required) to a more secure location. Reduce the challenges of today’s IT environment and improve working practices to protect critical information with Clearswift Endpoint DLP.