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Information Governance Products

Identify, Manage and Protect Your Critical Information with Clearswift.

Clearswift Aneesya Platform

The Clearswift Aneesya Platform

Designed to be a cornerstone of an Information Governance Strategy, the Clearswift Aneesya Platform is the fully integrated suite of Clearswift products. The key to its operation is the Clearswift Information Governance Server (IGS). This acts as the central repository for registered items, and stores the metadata from the various information sources including those relating to tracking the information.

By undertaking Deep Content Inspection within data communication flows, including email, web and on the endpoint, the Aneesya Platform enables organizations to identify, manage and protect their critical information, whether it’s stored within an organization’s perimeter or in the cloud. Aneesya is an open platform and one of its key features is the ability, through the Clearswift Gateways, to transform information to meet policy. We call this process Adaptive Redaction.