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Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fi Solution

WatchGuard elevates your wireless experience through Wi-Fi 6 access points, centralized management, and intelligent reporting.

We have a wide variety of secure, easy to manage and very fast Wi-Fi solutions that are pioneers in meeting the latest Wi-Fi standards. The solutions are manageable from Cloud thus allowing a rapid deployment and easy future extensions. Many of our solutions include integrated security and communicate with the Firewall, thus being able to "push" our security policy towards our PA infrastructure.

WatchGuard Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

Future-proof networks of all shapes and sizes with Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud. From home offices to expansive corporate campuses, WatchGuard has Wi-Fi 6 technology with secure WPA3 encryption access points for you.

Simplified Cloud Management

Wi-Fi management and network configuration in WatchGuard Cloud delivers secure wireless experiences that are easy to manage. Policy management, zero-touch deployment, captive portals, VPN configuration, and upgrades are only a click away. With rich integration into our portfolio of products, such as WatchGuard Endpoint Security, AuthPoint, and Firebox, managing diverse wireless needs is effortless.

Build Wireless Networks of All Types

Wi-Fi is essential to stay connected, work, play, and manage IoT devices. WatchGuard's Wi-Fi 6 access points deliver exceptional performance with an easy way to benefit from the security across many use cases such as remote work, retail experiences, and expansive campuses.

Technology Partner Ecosystem

Integrations with other companies' products help to secure Wi-Fi environments, reach new customers, and build brand loyalty.