Endpoint by Cososys


Cososys is a company founded in 2004, pioneer in DLP solutions. Since then, the company has not stopped growing with more and more products in its portfolio. Cososys protects more than 11 million users worldwide.


Cososys has a portfolio of comprehensive security solutions providing control of DLP devices, eDiscovery for Windows, macOS and Linux, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS and Android and we also have file tracing and shadowing solutions, data synchronization and password security and of sensitive files / data. In addition, the development of applications for encryption of portable devices such as USB keys. They are among the few IT security companies that offer complete solutions for Mac and Linux in addition to Windows.


From Technorizon Dubai we bet on Cososys in 2016 and in these more than two years we have acquired a wide experience with its solutions thanks to the multitude of successful projects we have carried out.

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