Insider Threat Investigation

Insider Threat Investigation

When an insider threat incident occurs, you need answers – and fast! ObserveIT empowers security teams to rapidly investigate insider threat situations in as little as minutes, using a comprehensive timeline of collected user activity data.

Get the Whole Picture

ObserveIT delivers a 360-degree view into your insider user activity

Insider threat incidents don’t just happen – they’re caused by user negligence or malicious intent. But how can you determine the difference? ObserveIT presents user activity data in a clear, easy-to-understand format for rapid insider threat investigations.

Activity Timeline

Hone in on the details through rich, user-centric metadata pulled from user sessions to provide full context for every user action.

Video Session Recordings

Deep dive to determine exactly what happened, when, where, and why, with session video of user activity.

What types of data are visible?

  • Application and Process Names
  • File and Folder Access
  • Titles of Opened Windows
  • URLs Accessed via Browsers
  • Key Logging
  • List of Commands and Scripts Run
  • File Copies, Print-Jobs, USB Insertions
  • and a Whole Bunch More…
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