Insider Threat Prevention

Insider Threat Prevention

Insider threat detection and investigation are key to the long-term security of your files, data, and systems, but it is also important to take a proactive approach to insider threat prevention. ObserveIT helps teams block out-of-policy user activity, using policy reminders, warning prompts, and robust app-blocking controls.

Block Out-of-Policy User Activity

More often than not, your users have the keys to the kingdom. They can access vital files, data, and systems in order to perform their day-to-day tasks. But what about the tools they shouldn’t be able to access or use?

ObserveIT empowers security teams to select particular applications, tools, and websites as being “off-limits,” effectively blocking access based on cybersecurity policy.

Improve Cybersecurity Awareness

64% of all insider threat incidents are caused by negligent users*, not users with malicious intent. If you could approach those insiders and coach them in cybersecurity best practices with real-time prompts, would you?

ObserveIT makes proactive coaching possible, with optional policy reminders and warning prompts for improving insider cybersecurity awareness.

Prevent inside threats now!