WatchGuard Firewall

WatchGuard is an American manufacturer based in Seattle, well established in the computer security sector.

It appears in the market in the year 1996.
At present it has a staff of 600 employees with offices in Europe, America, and Asia.
It is supported by more than 9,000 distributors around the world with almost 80,000 end customers. 

Technorizon has a long experience with the manufacturer, since we were the wholesaler who brought the brand to Spain in 1997.
This experience is reflected in a very high level of both technical and commercial solutions. 

Its security portfolio includes its range of firewalls with high UTM performance, secure Wi-Fi with manageable APs,

both through the UTM and Cloud, and with an Authentication Multifactor (MFA) solution aimed at all types of companies.
All managed in a simple way, and great visibility thanks to the reporting tool brought by their serial appliances called Dimension.

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